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Options Income Engine

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Good Trading,
Bill Poulos


Lifetime AccessRemember, the Options Income Engine goes LIVE on Monday at 1pm Eastern (New York time).

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In this video, I reveal: Options Income Engine

A live options trade I placed with my broker using the Options Income Engine trade alert software, so you can get a feel for how easy this is…

An equity curve going back 20+ years so you can get a sense of how this program will work in “real life”. I show you everything – “warts & all”.

I think you’ll learn some very important lessons about real world trading after you see how candid I am in this video.


I’ve decided to open up enrollment for my Options Income Engine software this Monday, September 15th, at 1pm Eastern.

(But it will be a very tight, limited enrollment.)

Watch Video #3 for more information on how to try it out…

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. If you have any questions, make sure you post them underneath the video on my training website. We now have over 300 combined comments and counting.

Everybody is really excited about this…


When it comes to learning how to trade successfully, there are a lot of variables. As a result, trading can become a way for you to successfully put a lot of extra money away or it can become a financial disaster. The key is to learn what you are doing before you actually begin handing over any money. In order to do that, you need someone to pave the way for you that has already been there and done that. When it comes to somebody that you can count on in all types of trading, the name Bill Poulos often comes to mind, largely because of his decades of vast experience in the business and his capability of effectively showing others how to do the same and be successful.

One of the newest things from Bill Poulos is called the Options Income Engine. This takes everything that he has previously made available to help people learn how to trade successfully and turns it up several notches. It is designed to teach people about options trading, which is somewhat different than other types of trading. For instance, with options trading you always have the option to purchase a particular stock but you are not committed to do so. Some other types of trading force you to commit to purchasing the stock before you know exactly what it is going to do but in options trading, as the name implies, you have the opportunity to bow out until virtually the last second.

It might have been enough for Poulos to simply offer a training course that centered around options trading, just as he has offered many other types of training courses in the past. However, the decision was made that people needed to have access to even better types of information when it comes to learning the different kinds of trading that they can participate in to make more money. As a result, the Options Income Engine was developed. You can think of it as a dedicated area where people have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about options trading and then they have the opportunity to get detailed training that provides them with intricate knowledge about how to trade successfully using options trading.

If you have always wanted to know more about this type of trading but you have been frustrated by the overall lack of comprehensive information, the Options Income Engine is something that can completely change things for you. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to trade the way you want to trade and learn how to make money at it consistently. You can then add options trading to other types of trading in order to develop a more comprehensive portfolio and to extend your options when it comes to making extra money for your retirement, a college education for your children or any number of other expenses. One thing is for certain, the better prepared you are to secure your own financial future, the more options that you will have. The Options Income Engine is one way that you can accomplish the financial goals that you have always hoped for.